In January 2013, we opened our second store at 63 Comely Bank Road, where wine tasting takes place

In our quest to find the best wine in London, we open a second store at 63 Comely Bank Road. The location is perfect as it is close to many shops, has quick access to public transportation, and has stunning views of the river Thames.

In this store, we host wine tasting events regularly. We offer small-group tours of three wines for $6 for every person in your group who doesn’t know about wine and a bespoke tasting menu with four wines for every person who does know about wine.

Comely Bank is a small and quaint village in the south of England. A few years ago, we ventured into the area with a commitment to building an authentic wine experience for interested customers.

Comely Bank has unique history of being a royal hunting ground. The monks of nearby Otterbourne Abbey were granted land by King Henry I in order to build the first manor house on it in 1110 AD. From then on, it has been hosting visitors and royalty ever since.

We offer tasting experiences that run through the day, with complimentary tea or coffee available all day long as well as menus at lunchtime and dinner time.

We have been selling our wines online for over two decades, which eventually led to our decision in opening our second shop in January 2013.

Wines with a unique taste are what we want to offer, and this is why the more than 200 wine labels that we sell are sourced from all over the world. Thirty percent of these wines come from France, followed by Italy and Spain with 20 percent each. The remainder comes from all parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Comely Bank is one of the best-known areas in the centre of Oxford. Here, visitors can choose from a number of wine tasting restaurants and bars.

At our second Comely Bank store, we have a tasting area where our wines are being served by professional sommeliers who will provide you with advice on every wine that you taste. Wine lovers also enjoy listening to live music while they drink.

Comely Bank is one of the best-known areas in the centre of Oxford and has been popular with tourists for years thanks to its numerous wine shops and restaurants that serve top-quality wines made by small producers from around Europe.

When we opened our second store, we mainly focused on offering a better experience to customers. The store has a sophisticated layout and is filled with beautiful glassware.

The wine tasting room has been designed with an eye for detail, allowing guests to enjoy the perfect wine experience in an environment that is serene and emotive.

Our second store was opened in January 2013. It is located on Comely Bank Road, which is one of the most sought after roads in Shrewsbury.

In addition to the wine tasting experiences we offer, our second store also has a bar and restaurant. Visitors enjoy sampling an array of delicious local British dishes including Welsh Rabbit Pie, Scrumpy Goat’s Cheese, Cheddar Cheese and Onion Puffs and Shropshire Blueberry Bake among others.