Invite your friends to wine tasting at our winery

Tasting wine is not just about tasting wine, it also gives you a chance to engage in conversation. Winery customers have the option of visiting our winery or request for a phone tasting.

What’s your favorite type of wine?

I enjoy Pinot Noir and Moscato wines.

Most vintages are quite affordable but our mid-range reds are a great choice for your budget. What do you think about the pinot noir we serve?

Let’s not forget about the first time you tasted a wine and how your taste buds were so overwhelmed by the taste that it made you remember your first kiss. We have felt those same emotions in each of our wines and we think you will too.

Come out to the winery for our wine tasting event and experience the new wines that we have brought on board this season

The winery is conveniently located in Napa Valley with easy access from San Francisco and Sonoma.

This is where our winery comes in. We offer you the chance to invite your friends to our beautiful winery and wine tasting event – which is a great idea for a date night, birthday or just an anniversary.

We offer you the opportunity to share your love of wine with your friends and family this summer.

Visit our friendly winery and create memories!

We would love to have you join us for a tasting of our wines. Our winery is located in the heart of the wine country on beautiful Puget Sound. Our tasting room is perfect for those who like to enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water from the surrounding nature.

With over 10 years experience, we know how much your time can be worth to you and we will do everything possible to make sure that you have a fun time!

Here at The Fermenters, we like to invite people over for wine tasting. We have a tasting room that features a chandelier made from giant grape clusters and the best wine in the region. We offer wine tastings every Friday night!

The Fermenters is a winery in the Sonoma Valley of California. They are known for their interesting and creative takes on Napa Valley wines – giving us all something new to try.

Wine tasting is a fun activity that one can do with friends, but it’s also a good opportunity to learn about different wines. Our winery is hosting a wine tasting on September 7th, and we welcome you to join us!

-Three course meal prepared by our executive chef

-Wine tastings in the company of our knowledgeable staff members

-Complimentary glass of wine for every guest

If you are looking for a party venue to host your friends, have them come to our tasting room. Our WIne Tasting is an interactive experience where they can enjoy different wines while learning more about what makes a wine great.

We offer various types of wine-based events such as Wine Tasting and Wine & Cheese Pairing. We also provide the most convenient location in the area with ample parking and free Wi-Fi for all our guests.

Come visit us today to learn about our selection of wines, see how we make them, or host your own event!

Join us for the wine tasting at our winery. No need to get up early, no need to drive, and you don’t even have to pay!

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Get your friends to come by to our winery and try out our wines! You choose the wine, we’ll take care of the rest.

Are you looking for a date idea? Why not invite your friends to try out some wine and have some fun at our winery? You are guaranteed to have a good time with them!